Here I'll explain how to print customized lists of your Google Calendar Events using GCalToolkit, and export them in spreadsheet format.

If you came here looking for very basic Google Calendar printing then you'll want the "MORE" button, then "PRINT":

You can also choose to print the "Month" or "Week" view, or an "Agenda" view which displays the event range you have selected in a list. You can also change the font size, and print in black and white to save on expensive color ink. On the same subject, remember to print in "Draft" mode if you don't need a high quality copy.

That's all fine if you just want to print a copy of what you see in Google Calendar, but if you want to export custom lists of events filtering by keyword, type of event (free only, private only, all day only etc.) then GCalToolkit can help you. Use GCalToolkit to display or hide the columns you wish to print - very useful if you want to print out the full description field for each event, or the location, the busy/free status etc. You can also export in the TSV format, a spreadsheet format similar to CSV but using "tab" to instead of "comma" in the file. You can open and edit the output file with any text or spreadsheet software such as OpenOffice, Google Documents or Excel.

This is what Google List View (Agenda) will display, for example:

When you have formatted the CSV export from GCalToolkit you should have something similar to the picture below, complete with the description, and any other information you need such as busy/free status, location (where) etc. By configuring the "Date" column as a date in OpenOffice you can change the date format to include the week day, omit the time and so on.

Before you load your calendar into GCalToolkit you need to decide if you want to see all the ocurrences of repeat events, or only the initial repeat event. In the latter case you'll want to download the calendar with "Expand Repeats to Singles" option underneath the "Date Range" selector in the Download window. If I had not done this for the calendar in question, the repeat event "Miles Gong Fu" would not have shown up in the list as only the first ocurrance is shown by default to economise your Google Daily Quota.

Where you go from here is up to you: GCalToolkit helps you export the raw data that you need so that you can format the spreadsheet display to your hearts content. Let me know how you get on. Download GCalToolkit today for free - click on the button below to choose for either Mac or Windows. Linux users can use the JAVA version available on the "Download" page of this website.

GCalToolkit has many uses in addition to creating event lists:


  • Repair calendar sync problems and undo iCal import
  • Delete multiple calendar events based on date, type or content
  • Edit multiple events in Google Calendar
  • Force Android Calendar to Sync ALL past events by adding a prefix or suffix
  • Bulk edit event reminders, busy/free, privacy etc.
  • Export customized agenda event lists as CSV for printing or spreadsheets
  • Multiple Copy/Move events between calendars
  • Safe and Secure: uses OAuth 2.0 and the latest Google Calendar API
  • UNLIMITED HELP from a Google Calendar expert
  • 100% Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee!

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