GCalToolkit Downloads

  GCalToolkit for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

 GCalToolkit for macOS 10.10+

 GCalToolkit for Linux

The free version of GCalToolkit is fully functional for small calendars, and will download 500-600 events maximum for larger calendars.
The latest version is v2.1.8 released Feb 25 2024

GTasksToolkit Downloads

  GTasksToolkit for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11

 GTasksToolkit for Mac OS X 10.8.3+ & Linux

The free version of GTasksToolkit lets you organise, delete and create Google Tasks, but does not allow some advanced features such as import/export and view/restoring deleted Tasks. The latest version (v1.0.5) includes support for importing JSON Tasks from Google Takeout.

System Requirements

GCalToolkit no longer requires Java (from October 2020) because the necessary files are included with the installer. The last version which supports Windows XP is version 1.36 which runs on Java 1.8 or later, as does GTasksToolkit. If you are still using 32bit Windows please download the 32bit version of GCalToolkit here

During installation your browser might block pop-ups, and you may have to "Allow Download" before your browser prompts you to SAVE or RUN the installer.

You may see Windows SmartScreen display a warning when trying to download the installer; click on "More Info' and you'll see a button to "Run Anyway". When you run the installer you will be informed that the software is signed by a verified publisher.

To run GCalToolkit or GTasksToolkit as a Java application on any platform please download the Linux version. If you have problems please update your Java installation to at least JAVA 9 for the best results, especially with high resolution screens. The zip file contains a "lib" folder containing the files needed to run the program - no installation is necessary, just decompress the ZIP anywhere on your machine then double-click the GCalToolkit.jar file to run the software, or create a link to GCalToolkit.jar on your desktop/start menu. If you don't have a recent version of Java then I recommend using AdoptOpenJDK at https://adoptopenjdk.net/installation.html?variant=openjdk11&jvmVariant=hotspot

On macOS please download and double-click the DMG installer then drag GcalToolkit or GTasksToolkit onto the Applications icon or to your Applications folder.

Recent Changelog

v2.1.7 Added columns for the Creator and Organizer
v2.1.6 Improved support for calendar name overrides, added "Open Meet" button and Meet filtering, restricted operations for read-only calendars
v2.1.5 Added support for reminder filtering and tools for better reminder management. Improved event 'Edit' window, bugfixes, UI tweaks
v2.14 Added calendar column, fixed Edit form bug for moving then editing, added UI labels
v2.14 (beta) Fixed Edit Start/End pickers on Windows
v2.13 Don't force timezone if empty when events are updated
v2.12 Added date range options, fixed default hidden columns
Set reminder step size to 1, min to 1
Set UNTIL Date Pickers to user's preferred format
Fix for Event form staying open
Disable Save on "Enter" for Description in popup editor, reversed buttons
UI Tweaks to date spacing
select custom repeat methods when values changed
Adjusted events windows resizing for better display of large text
adjusted plurals for interval and count
UI Tweaks to EventForm
don't pack eventForm, keep size
Use CrLf for CSV, removed trailing comma
Use "color" only for en_US, UI tweaks
remember last used folder for CSV export
default to user's timezone, UI tweaks
2.1.0 release: Check for existing CSV, added clear log, color picker to center, prevent repeat rule for repeat instances

Cracks and Serials

If you came here looking for cracks or serial... you have come to the right place ;-) Before you do something as stupid as installing a keygen on your precious machine, I can save you the trouble as I have tested most of the cracks and serials on youtube and torrent sites: not only will none of them actually get you GCalToolkit or GTasksToolkit for free, but without exception they install malware and/or spyware to your machine which could put your computer and Google account at serious risk. If you really can't afford to pay for the tools you need then please drop me a line explaining your situation, and what you could offer in lieu of payment - the worst thing that can happen is that I might say no.

Full version licences are valid for one household on unlimited Google Calendars. The full version allows you to process all events on your Google Calendars. Please keep your account details private: Google places a limit on the number of daily requests software such as this can perform, and the GCalToolkit server will detect multiple installations so abuse may result in account restrictions. For use within one household or by a single business user you may use a "Personal" licence - otherwise you should purchase an "Enterprise" license.


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