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Google Calendar Help, Repair & Maintenance

  • Delete duplicate calendar events easily
  • Clean up failed calendar sync and import problems in a few clicks
  • List / Delete calendar events based on dates, types and filters
  • Make mass changes to event reminders, busy/free & "guests can modify" etc.
  • Search / Replace any text in your calendar
  • Export filtered & sorted event lists to spreadsheets
  • Mass Copy/Move events between calendars
  • UNLIMITED HELP from a Google Calendar expert


Try GCalToolkit now - no installation needed!

This is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to remove duplicates and repair Google Calendar problems on Mac, Linux or Windows without installing any software. If you only need basic Google Calendar maintenance then instead of installing the GCalToolkit software you may prefer to use the online version of GCalToolkit at The online tool works directly in your browser, removing duplicates and syncing or import errors with just a few clicks. Most importantly, the Online Version is very fast and requires NO INSTALLATION:

GCalToolkit with no installation necessary

Hello and welcome to GCalToolkit.  It has been my pleasure to provide software & support for Google Calendar since 2009. GCalToolkit has helped over 2500 individual and professional Google Calendar users to repair and maintain their calendars, and deleted or edited over 2 million events since it was first released; as of 2013 this is an average of over 300,000 events per month! Today I am delighted to announce that GCalToolkit is also available for OS X - most of the Windows features are already available in the Mac version, except colour edits and the "Macro" function. GCalToolkit is evolving all the time to help you fix Google Calendar problems as easily as possible, so do get in touch if you need it to modify your calendar in some way that it cannot already do.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any advice regarding Google Calendar sync or import problems, or anything else you think I may be able to help you with.


Neil Gerstenberg

New Features: Version 3.0 now has many fantastic new features to help you repair and maintain Google Calendars, such as fully customizable column views and spreadsheets, adding prefixes/suffixes, case sensitive filtering (and regex support), mass editing of busy/free status, mass editing of the "guests can modify" field, filtering by resource owner, mass color editing, better sorting, a new "autosave sessions" option... and many more improvements and additions to make calendar maintenance and repair with GCalTooolkit easier and more powerful than ever before.

For more information on downloading and installing GCalToolkit please visit the Download page, or simply click the big button at the top of this page to download the correct version for your operating system.

All licences are for one business user or household
Use GCalToolkit to Repair unlimited Google Calendars 

  • FULL VERSION €29: 1 year licence + free updates + 1 year my personal online support
  • FULL VERSION €49: LIFETIME* licence + free updates + my personal online support
  • Secure payment on PayPal - most Credit Cards accepted, no Paypal account needed
  • Use the Online GCalToolkit on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone...
  • Windows GCalToolkit for all versions of Microsoft WINDOWS (.NET 3.5 required)
  • OS X GCalToolkit for Intel Macs (>10.7.4)
  • Unlimited personal help & technical support with GCalToolkit for all FULL VERSION users
  • Limited (reasonable) personal help & advice for ANY Google Calendar problem!

The FULL VERSION is valid for one household (or one business user) on unlimited Google Calendars. The Full Version allows you to process ALL EVENTS on ALL your Google Calendars. Please keep your account details private; Google place a limit on the number of daily requests software such as mine can perform, so it's just not fair to everyone else if you hand out your details to all your colleagues and friends... and my server will detect multiple installations. Accounts may be suspended if misused, so please, one household... one business user.

Since I provide unlimited support for every user, I'm sure you'll see why I cannot possibly provide such unlimited personal service to even 10 employees with a company calendar cock-up for a single payment of €49... If ever support requests exceed a certain limit, I may have to remove the "Lifetime" deal, so get it now, while stocks last!

The FREE VERSION allows you to process events that start 3 months in the past and 3 months in the future (500 events with Online Tool)

(* ie the lifetime of GCalToolkit or my own... whichever is shorter)


Softpedia Guarantees GCalToolkit is 100% Clean  
Softpedia guarantees that GCalToolkit is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. not affiliated with or endorsed by Google Inc.
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