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All payments are made directly on Paypal's secure servers: you should ALWAYS check that you can see in the address bar before making paypal payments on any site. No payment details or other critical information is ever stored on,

Your Personal Details

The only details stored on are the username & email address that you used to register before payment, and the state of your subscription to GCalToolkit. I do not share email addresses with any third-party sites, and you will not receive any spam as a result of signing up. If you wish to remove your name and email address from for any reason, please send an email.

Cookies Policy and use a small number of "first party" cookies for essential site operation (login, security, shopping cart etc). No personal or browsing data is stored or tracked with these session cookies, and they can be deleted easily in the "Settings" or "Options" section of your browser. and also use Google Analytics to provide anonymous data that is used to improve visibility on the web and give important feedback that helps improve the website and software.  GCalToolkit and are currently moving towards EU Cookie Compliance, but as things stand (e.g. different "cookie laws" in each European country, confusion over "essential" and "non-essential" cookies, and constantly changing EU policy), I prefer to err on the side of a hassle-free browsing and e-commerce experience. If you have any questions or complaints about this please feel free to contact me directly. For more information on EU Cookie Law please see:


GCalToolkit is regularly scanned by Softpedia & CNET to reassure you that it is 100% clean. You can check these reports, read some reviews and download GCalToolkit from these reputable websites here - but not always the very latest version:

Your Google Password

GCalToolkit Online and GCalToolkit Desktop use the very latest technology (OAuth2) to connect to your Google Calendar without you ever having to share your Google password - instead you are taken to in your browser to sign in; this means that at no point does GCalToolkit have access to your Google password.  By clicking "ACCEPT" on you allow GCalToolkit temporary access your Google Calendar, and you can revoke this authorization at any time in your Google Account settings (Please see

Your Google Calendar

Information from your Google Calendar is transferred using SSL encryption between and (or your computer if you use the Windows or Mac versions). The information sent from to your computer is also encrypted, but not using SSL - although the chance of anyone gaining access to your calendar data in this way is very small, you should be aware that this is a potential security risk if you use the online GCalToolkit on any unsecure network (e.g public WIFI Hotspots).

The Online GCalToolkit only stores your calendar data in RAM memory, unless you select to "Save Session" in which case the calendar is written to a file in a secure location for you to download; please remember to "Delete File" after you download your session (if you forget, your file will be automatically deleted the next day for your security).

GCalToolkit on the Desktop stores a Google Calendar "Token" as a hidden file under your main User folder (Home folder) at /.store/GCalToolkit/GCal/StoredCredential. To allow GCalToolkit access to a Google Calendar account, users must log in to the Google account once to create this token; If you want to remove all traces of your Google Calendars and Google Access Tokens from your computer please use "Disconnect" in the first GCalToolkit window; doing this will require you to login to Google again to access Google Calendars.