Keep Google Calendars Clean and Tidy

  • Remove any number of duplicate events in minutes
  • Clean up failed Syncs/Imports with ease
  • Delete events between specified dates
  • Delete events by the date they were created in Google Calendar
  • Delete events based on text/dates filters
  • NEW 3 FEB 2012: Export filtered/sorted event list to CSV
  • Undo any Changes you make (windows only)
  • Search/Replace text anywhere in your calendar (win only)
  • Save your editing session if you have Quota problems (see "Help")
  • Need GCalToolkit to do something else? Let me know.
  • FREE TRIAL - Online Tool max 500 events / Windows software max 6 months
  • In a rush? Don't trust yourself to get it right? For €59, I DO IT ALL FOR YOU!

 Click here to use GCalToolkit right now in any Browser. The EASIEST way to remove duplicates on Mac, Linux or Windows. No need for administrator rights on your computer, and faster than the Windows software, the online tool removes duplicates and sync/import errors fast and easily.  Click here to download the Windows version of GCalToolkit (Trial/Full). Please note that your browser might block pop-ups, so you may have to "Allow Download".  The Windows software has the most advanced functions for mass edits and deletes, but requires a fast network (ADSL)
 Click here to join the long list of happy GCalToolkit users with a 1 or 2 Year licence & support direct from the developer.

Fast & efficient technical support in plain language for all everyday Google Calendar issues.
Click here to purchase my personal services. For €59 you get a 1 year subscription AND I will sort out any mess you have got yourself into. 30,235 repeats in a 32,987 event calendar? Corrupt data after a failed/sync or import? Do yourself a favour and get an expert to sort out your Google Calendar.

  • FULL VERSION €39 - 2 year licence + online support
  • FULL VERSION €29 - 1 year licence + online support 

  • All FULL VERSION licences are for one user, unlimited Google Calendars
  • Secure payment on PayPal - most Credit Cards accepted, no Paypal account needed
  • "Unlock" from trial software mid-transfer: "Save Session", "Purchase", Unlock, Continue Session.
  • Use the Online GCalToolkit on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone...
  • Windows GCalToolkit for all versions of Microsoft WINDOWS (.NET 3.5 required)
  • Personal help & technical support for all FULL VERSION users

The FULL VERSION is valid for one user on unlimited Google Calendars. The Full Version allows you to process ALL EVENTS on ALL your Google Calendars. Please keep your account details private - our server will detect multiple installations and your account will be suspended if misused.

The FREE DEMO VERSION allows you to process events that start 3 months in the past and 3 months in the future, or 500 events with Online Tool

 Click HERE to download GCalToolkit Trial/Full version now!

Or download from SOFTPEDIA:

Softpedia Guarantees GCalToolkit is 100% Clean  
Softpedia guarantees that GCalToolkit 1.3.9 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. not affiliated with or endorsed by Google Inc.
GOOGLE is a trademark of Google Inc

Take Full Control of Google Calendar!

  • Create new events quickly and easily
  • Edit events faster than ever
  • Remove any number of duplicates
  • Clean up failed syncs/imports
  • Add or remove Google Meets automatically for multiple events
  • Delete/Copy/Move events between specified dates
  • Change timezones in bulk
  • Edit events based on text/date filters
  • Blazing fast filtering and sorting with CSV export
  • Color code events in bulk
  • Search/Replace text anywhere in your calendar
  • Edit repeat rules (RRule) to create nearly any repeat pattern
  • Add multiple Drive files automatically using filename patterns
  • Right-click to open events directly in Google Calendar
  • Shift and copy groups of events for irregular schedules
  • Free trial - full functionality for up to 500 events
  • Regular updates: latest version 2.1.6 released 6 May 2022
  • 100% money-back guarantee


GCalToolkit for Windows 7, 8, 10


GCalToolkit for macOS 10.10+





"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you providing this program. It saved me so much time and grief. I had exported my outlook calendar from Exchange to Google Calendar. All of the repeating events were imported as single events in Google. In the absence of this program, I would have had to delete each one individually. I had nearly 3,000 to delete. (Rick T.)" is not affiliated with or endorsed by Google Inc.

GOOGLE is a trademark of Google Inc